Critical evaluation of date palm sheath fibre characteristics as a reinforcement for developing sustainable cementitious composites from waste materials

17 May 22

Decarbonizing the construction industry is an important step towards achieving the net-zero goals for many countries.

Natural fiber composites – a practical guide for industrial utilization

24 Feb 22

The purpose of this article is to provide a practical guide on the industrial utilization of NFCs. Natural fiber composites can be defined as a composite in which the reinforcing phase is made up of natural fibers, while the matrix phase is either bio-based or synthetic polymer

Manufacturing and utilization of novel sustainable composites using pulled wool fibers waste from leather tanneries: Mechanical, physical, and dynamic characterization

21 Jan 22

This paper introduces a novel composite from discarded pulled wool fibers as a sustainable alternative to commercial particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF). The investigation aims at designing composites with prominent properties in terms of thermal insulation, water absorption, flexural strength, and dynamic properties.

Palm-based fiber provides a truly sustainable alternative for various applications

23 Dec 20

A consortium of five Egyptian researchers have developed the world’s first high-performance fibers and reinforcements extracted from the byproducts of pruning of date palms, such as frond and fruit stalks, also known as PalmFil. The fiber is not only sustainable, but also economical in manufacturing, compatible with textile and composite processing and offers the properties needed for lightweight cars of the future, according to the consortium.

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