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Over the years we have crafted our own technology development process, taking an idea from a lower Technology Readiness Level (TRL), towards commercialization.

Technology Scouting & Validation (TRL 1-2)

Our process often starts with scouting for emerging technologies (externally or internally).

We then match those technologies with existing or future business needs and determine whether those technologies are suitable for further valorization.

With the help of our business developers we write an invention disclosure, and further prepare a business/ commercialization plan.
Making bioplastic from seaweeds algae

Innovative Experimental Research (TRL 3-4)

Once the business case is validated, the technology is then refined on the lab scale, including proof of concept (POF), process optimization, material characterization and benchmarking.

We operate through a multidisciplinary network of scientists and researchers in the fields of biomass and waste valorization in the following domains:
Textile, fiber and leather
Lumber substitute
Pulp and paper
Cement and concrete
Fertilizer and compost
Fodder and silage
SEM micrograph of Posidonia Oceania fiber

Pilot Scale Experiments (TRL 5-7)

Our pilot scale experiments are performed in our 250 m2 pilot plant which is dedicated to pilot system trial runs and pilot production for end-use application development.

The main purpose of the pilot experiment is to learn about the technology and to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of the process.

Our pilot systems are designed and developed internally by our specialized CAD/CAM experts and manufactured by our approved OEMs.
Researcher running pilot experiment of hemp fiber extraction

Technology Commercialization

Our technology commercialization activities are handled by our holding company in UK, Scaleup Innovations Holdings Limited (SIH).

This includes, patent filing, LCA, certifiaction, branding, trademark registration, technlogy marketing and licensing.

In cases when spin-off appears to be the best way forward, SIH will usually license the patent to the spin-off in exchange for royalties/shares.
Holding biodegradable cutlery from areca palm leaves

Design and Development of Industrial Systems (TRL 8-9)

The knowledge obtained from the pilot plant is used for the design of full-scale industrial systems.

Our industrial systems are manufactured in coordination with our approved OEMs and managed by our holding company in UK (SIH).

Industrial production of paper
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